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What is a Funnel?

A funnel is like an Online Sales Person.  It guides your customer through the sales process taking care of their specific needs without them getting lost or confused and just leaving your site.

To give you a visual…Imagine you are at IKEA and you are guided through a series of show rooms each making you offers that excite you.  As you pick out what you need you are then guided through the accessories, followed by art, then kitchen ware, then small adons.

As you walk through this “funnel” you are being up sold in each room.  May you grab the item or mayne you don’t.  Either way you move to the next room and your eyes experience the next up sell.  As you finish your trip you not only got what you came for but you leave with much more.

A Funnel is the same concept but online for your business.

Why do I need a Funnel?

Today’s Business owner needs a funnel to generate more leads, grow a customer base, increase profits, and stay connected with loyal fans.  You see a funnel captures your customers information so you can stay in front of them even after they leave your page. Without a funnel, you could be losing sales.

Does a funnel work for my Business? 

Yes!  Every business need a funnel.  Whether you are a doctor’s office looking for new patients, a gym that needs more member, if you are selling physical products, or you simply need more leads a funnel will work for you.  There is a funnel for every type of business and we can design one for you.


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