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Why Facebook Ads?

You want sales and you don’t want to overspend on advertising to get them. If you made a million bucks, but you spend $999,000 to get there, that’s not so good!

Billboard advertising costs for 1 month can run up to $15,000.

Fifteen grand! Imaging you spending $15,000 on Billboard advertising…

This is true if all print, TV, radio and magazine advertising. You pay for everyone to see your ad, regardless if they are likely to buy or not. Essentially, it can really be a waste of money.

Facebook Ads are different. You can actually choose who you show your ads to. So if you target your ideal customer, then you only pay when your ideal customer sees your ads.

How awesome is that?!

What this means for results:

Since we are only showing our ads to our ideal customer, we are getting much more for our money. We can spend very little and get a lot in return.

Why you need an expert:

Facebook ads are a skill. It’s like boxing. If you aren’t a trained boxer and you step into the ring, you are going to be killed!

The same goes for Facebook ads.

If your sales funnel, ad, targeting or any other component isn’t top notch, you are not going to get those cheap leads that look so appealing above. And you certain won’t get enough sales.

As a Facebook ads expert, my job is to make decisions with your money so you don’t waste it!

These decisions are things like…

  • Who to target so we are only showing ads to people highly likely to buy.
  • How to appeal to their pain points, emotions and desires easily. Converting them into leads and ultimately sales.
  • How to budget so you don’t waste money on things that don’t bring you revenue.
  • Plus all that tech stuff that no one else wants to deal with.

In short, we want to see you jump for joy when you see the results from your Facebook ad campaigns!

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